Revised Distribution of Posts for Technical Staff on Indian Railways.

भारतीय रेलवे में तकनीकी कर्मचारियों के लिए पदों के वितरण का प्रतिशत को संशोधित करने के लिए रेलवे बोर्ड सहमत हो गया है |

तकनीकी कर्मचारियों के लिए पदों की संशोधित वितरण :

क्र.पदग्रेड पेपिछला संशोधित
1.       एम.सी.एम.Rs. 420016%26%
2.       तकनीशियन (Gr. I)Rs. 280044%51%
3.       तकनीशियन (Gr. II)Rs. 240020%08%
4.       तकनीशियन (Gr. III)Rs. 190020%15%

आदेश शीघ्र ही जारी किये जायेगे। संशोधन की प्रभावी तिथि 01.09.2016 दी गई है | यह फेडरेशन की पूरे रेलवे बोर्ड के साथ  दिनांक 22.07.2016 की चर्चा का नतीजा है

Letter No. 2016/E(LR)II/1/7 dt. 22.07.2016

Sub: Meeting with Federations on Charter of Demands submitted in connection with Strike (since deferred).

A meeting of the Federations (AIRF & NFIR) with full board was held on 22.07.2016 in regard to the issues relating to charter of demands given in the strike notice. After detailed deliberations on the demands for merger of Tech-I GP 2800 and Tech-II GP 2400, the following decisions were taken:-

  1. The administration clarified that merger of Tech-I and II was not within the competence of Ministry of Railways;
  2. With a view to address the long standing grievances of Technical staff, which is being pursued by Federations and also figured in the Charter of Demand for Strike, it was agreed to redistribute the percentage of various grades of Technician (except S&T) through cadre restructuring exercise exercise;
  3. The existing and the revised percentage distribution for Technical staff (except S&T) will be as follows:
    S.No.PostGrade PayPrevious PercentageRevised Percentage
    1.       Master Crafts Man (MCM)Rs. 420016%26%
    2.       Technician Grade IRs. 280044%51%
    3.       Technician Grade IIRs. 240020%08%
    4.       Technician Grade IIIRs. 190020%15%
  4. The revised percentage was agreed to by both the federations and it was agreed that the cadre restructuring will be effective from 01.09.2016.
  5. The Federations further requested that the issue of merger of Tech. Gr. I & II in GP 2800 may be vigorously pursued.

The signed copy of above letter no 2016/E(LR)II/1/7 dated 22.07.2016 is attached herewith

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