Provision Regarding Filling up Posts of Station Master- RBE No. 22/2018

Railway board has issued RBE No. 22-2018 vide letter No.E(NG)l-2016/PM1/12 dated : 16.02.2018 for Amendment to Para 122 of IREM-Provision regarding filling up posts of Station Masters.

Details of Railway Board Esstt. Circular (RBE No.22-2018)

Sub: Amendment to Para 122 of IREM- Provision regarding filling  up posts of Station Masters.

Attention is invited to para 122 of IREM Volume-I (Revised Edition-1989,  First Re- print  Edition,  2009),  elaborating  the  procedure  of  filling  up the  post of ASM/SM.

Consequent to the up gradation of the post of ASM and its merger with the post of Station Master along with functions by 7th  CPC, the issue of change in staffing pattern of Station Masters was under consideration in Railway Board in consultation with both the Federations  (NFIR  & AIRF) and Traffic  Directorate  of Railway Board, and it has now been decided that employees of Level- I  (i.e. GP Rs. 1800) of Operating Department of Railways with 5 (five) years service may be made eligible to appear in 25% ‘General  Selection’  quota.

Accordingly,  Para-122 of the Indian Railway Establishment  Manual, Volume I, (Revised Edition 1989) First Re- print Edition, 2009, is amended as per ACS No. 241 Enclosed.

Copy of Railway Board Esstt. Orders RBE No. 22-2018 is attached here:

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