Minimum Eligibility Condition of Service for Promotion From GP-1800 to GP-1900 – RBE 18-2017

अब SC/ST ग्रुप-डी रेलकर्मियों के लिए भी प्रमोशन कोटे से क्लर्क या TC बनने के लिए 02 साल की सर्विस जरुरी होगी | पहले केवल जनरल केटेगरी के ग्रुप-डी रेलकर्मियों पर ही ये नियम लागू था |

Promotion from GP Rs. 1800 (Level-1) to GP Rs. 1900 (Level-2) Against 16-2/3% Quota – Minimum Eligibility Condition of Service for Selection (Clarification). – RBE  18-2017.

RBE 18-2017

Railway Board Esstt. Order No. 18/2017. (RBE 18-2017)

Railway board has issued RBE 18-2017 vide letter no. E(NG)I-2016/CFP/5 dated 01 .03.2017 on the matter of Group ‘D’ department promotion eligibility. Details of the same are mentioned below:

Sub:- Promotion from GP Rs.1800 (Level-1) to GP Rs.1900 (Level-2) against 16-2/3% quota – Minimum eligibility condition of service for selection. (RBE 18-2017)

As the Railways are aware, in terms of Board’s letter dated 10.10.2000, 16-2/3% of the posts in the lowest grade of Commercial Clerks, Ticket Collectors, Trains Clerks, Offices Clerks and other categories of Clerks like Stores Clerks, etc. are filled by promotion of Matriculate erstwhile Group ‘D’ employees with a minimum of two years service in the concerned seniority units entirely on merit on the basis of a competitive examination.

2. A question has now arisen as to whether any relaxation in two years of service condition is to be given to SC/ST candidates to appear in the selection for promotion from GP Rs.1800 (Level-1) to GP Rs.1900 (Level-2) against 16-2/3% quota being filled up on the basis of merit.

3. Accordingly, it is clarified that SC/ST employees in GP Rs.1800 (Level-1) will be eligible for consideration in the selection for  promotion to GP Rs. 1900 (Level-2) and above against 16-2/3% promotion quota, only on completion of two years regular service in the concerned seniority unit.

Above content is signed by Deputy Director Estt.(N), Railway Board

For more information and download the signed copy, check PDF/Image attached below:

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