Grievances of the Central Government Employees – NC-JCM (Staff Side).

Sh. Shiv Gopal Mishra (Secretary), National Council (JCM) Staff Side has written a letter to The Cabinet Secretary, Govt. of India regarding long pending demands of CGEs i.e improvement in Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula, Rates of Allowances, Guaranteed Pension/Family Pension in lieu of NPS etc. 

भत्तों पर बनी समिति से हुई मीटिंग के निराशाजनक नतीजों के बाद NC/JCM ने केंद्र सरकार के कर्मचारियों की लंबित मांगो के बारे में कैबिनेट सचिव को गंभीरता से विचार करने के लिए पत्र लिखा |

NC/JCM (STAFF SIDE) letter no. NC/JCM/2017 dated 29.03.2017.

Sub: Grievances of the Central Government Employees.

Owing to serious discontentment on various retrograde recommendations of the VII CPC, there had been countrywide resentment among the Central Government Employees, and the Staff Side(JCM), under the aegis of the NJCA, had decided for an “Indefinite Countrywide Strike”, commencing from 6th July, 2016, which was deferred after negotiations with the GoMs, comprising of Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs, Finance Minister, Railway Minister and State Minister for Railways, held on 30.06.2016, wherein it was assured that, demands of the Central Government Employees, viz. improvement in Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula, Rates of Allowances, Guaranteed Pension/Family Pension in lieu of NPS etc. would be resolved within a fixed time frame of four months, for which committees were constituted by the Government of India.

While substantial delay took place in setting-up of various committees itself, however, it is a matter of deep concern that, the committees have not yet finalized their reports despite lapse of more than eight months time.

The Staff Side had, at the very outset, opposed setting-up of Committee on Allowances, demanding upward revision and restoration of certain allowances which were recommended to be abolished by the 7th CPC, nevertheless, the government on the contrary constituted the said committee.

It may be recalled that, it has been an established convention in the past also that, payment of the revised rates of the allowances is done w.e.f. the date of implementation of the report of the Central Pay Commission, but this time, unlike previous occasion, the Central Government Employees are still being paid House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance etc. on the pre-revised rates.

It was being expected that, Committee on Allowances would complete its proceedings within the fixed time frame and the CGEs would be paid allowances on the revised rates w.e.f. the date of implementation of the 7th CPC report, but unfortunately, it is being delayed inordinately, owing to which there is serious resentment brewing among the CGEs.

While Committee on Allowances also met on the previous day, i.e. 28.03.2017, and we were expected that it would finalize its recommendations in the said meeting, but on enquiring we have been made to understand that, the issue of revision of rates of HRA was even not discussed in the said meeting.

We, therefore, take this opportunity to apprise you that, unjustified and inordinate delay in finalizing the reports of the committees is not only breach of the assurance given to the Staff Side by the GoMs, but also creating an uncongenial atmosphere among the CGEs.

It would, therefore, be quite appropriate that, the issue may be considered with all seriousness as per assurance given to the Staff Side, and revision of the rates of the allowances, NPS, Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula and Pension/Family Pension, along with restoration of certain allowances abolished by the 7th CPC, be finalized without further loss of time in the larger interest of industrial harmony in the country.

Read the signed copy of the NC/JCM letter dated 29.03.2017 below:


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