Absorption of Medically Unfit Staff of RPF/RPSF – RBE 61/2015

Railway Board has issued RBE 61/2015 for  Absorption of Medically Unfit staff of RPF/RPSF in alternative post- Regarding – RBE 61/2015


RBE No. 61/2015


New Delhi, dated 12 .06.2015

The General Managers (P)
All Zonal Railways & Production Units,
(As per standard list).

Sub:- Absorption of medically unfit staff of RPF/RPSF in alternative post- Regarding.

A question as to how the medically incapicitated staff of Railway Protection Force/Railway Protection Special Force may be absorbed in alternative jobs in other departments of the Zonal Railways has been under consideration of Railway Board.
2. Attention in this connection is invited to Board’s letter No. E(NG)I 88/RE-3/2 dated 18.01.1989 which provide that medically unfit RPF/RPSF staff may be first considered for absorption in ministerial post in their own department. The Committee constituted for considering such alternative appointments shall include an officer of the Personnel Department. In case no suitable posts to so accommodate them in RPF department are available, they may be considered for absorption in alternative posts in other departments of the railways within the framework of the provisions contained in Chapter XIII of the Indian Railway Establishment Manual Vol.l,
Revised Edition 1989, First Reprint Edition-2009. Similarly, when staff of other departments are medically decategorised, they will also be considered for absorption against suitable posts in their own department at the outset and in case no posts are available therein then such staff will be considered against Ministerial posts in the RPF department. if such posts are available in that Department.
3. The matter has been considered by the Board. It is reiterated that the above instructions/procedure may be followed scrupulously in order to maintain the uniformity on all the Zonal Railways.
(This dispose af South Western Railway’s letter No.SWR/P.573/Med. Decatg/Vol.l dated 22.05.2014) .

Deputy Director Estt. (N)
Railway Board

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