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OperatingStation MasterTrichy (SR)Delhi NR)
OperatingMail. Exp. Guard.Chakradharpur (SER)Lucknow (NER)
OperatingGoods GuardAllahabad (NCR)Ambala (NR)
OperatingPointsmanFirozpur (NR)Kota (WCR)
OperatingStation MasterJaipur (NWR)Jaipur (NWR)
OperatingStation MasterAllahabad (NCR)Varanasi (NER)
OperatingStation MasterLucknow (NER)Howrah (ER)
OperatingStation MasterAmbala (NR)Delhi NR)
OperatingHelperJhansi (NCR)Mugalsarai (ECR)
OperatingStation MasterJaipur (NWR)Agra (NCR)
OperatingGatemanRangiya (NFR)Samastipur (ECR)
OperatingPointsmanSholapur (CR)Bilaspur (SECR)
OperatingGoods GuardPalghat (SR)Kota (WCR)
OperatingPointsmanMumbai (CR)Ambala (NR)
OperatingPointsmanAmbala (NR)Delhi NR)
OperatingSMAdra (SER)Danapur (ECR)
OperatingGatemanMoradabad (NR)Danapur (ECR)
OperatingStation MasterLucknow (NER)Danapur (ECR)
OperatingStation MasterGuntakal (SCR)Adra (SER)
OperatingASMAmbala (NR)Delhi NR)
OperatingPointsmanAmbala (NR)Delhi NR)
OperatingStation MasterAmbala (NR)Danapur (ECR)
OperatingGoods GuardAhemdabad (WR)Gorakhpur (NER)
OperatingChief ControllerAmbala (NR)Lucknow (NER)
OperatingStation MasterAmbala (NR)Jaipur (NWR)
OperatingGoods GuardChakradharpur (SER)Adra (SER)
OperatingStation MasterAmbala (NR)Ambala (NR)
OperatingGoods GuardSecunderabad (SCR)Katihar (NFR)
OperatingStation MasterAllahabad (NCR)Danapur (ECR)
OperatingStation MasterHowrah (ER)Danapur (ECR)
OperatingGoods GuardDhanbad (ECR)Delhi NR)
OperatingPointsmanAmbala (NR)Agra (NCR)
OperatingDy. SSBhusawal (CR)Nagpur (CR)
OperatingStation MasterAmbala (NR)Asansol (ER)
OperatingStation MasterSealdah (ER)Samastipur (ECR)
OperatingStation MasterFirozpur (NR)Delhi NR)
OperatingStation MasterBilaspur (SECR)Jhansi (NCR)
OperatingStation MasterAllahabad (NCR)Sonpur (ECR)
OperatingSr. Goods GuardBilaspur (SECR)Dhanbad (ECR)
OperatingPointsmanFirozpur (NR)Delhi NR)
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